Going social? Check on your conversation readiness!?

Today, the in thing is to go social, if you are in any business worth its name! Thats a great thing to do if you thing your organisation has the necessary soft power to do so. By soft power, what I mean is the basket of social skills, and competencies plus the kind of investments in budget and human capital, that is needed to start, incubate, sustain and eventually create a winning social presence.

But that is not the REAL key ingredient to craft a winning social presence…

The two key ingredients, the crucial ones for you to bet on a social presence is – commitment from the top leadership to a meaningful and credible social presence, and more importantly, an openness to conversations – conversations that could shake the belief system of your organisation, just in case you always have been a company sans internal and external dialogs.

Lets take the second thing first – today, social media presence or management is not about just having a presence on the twitters, facebooks et al of the world. And conveniently making an assumption that with the presence, you can keep thrusting your products, services and key people thoughts on the target audience, if you get lucky to zero in on such a crowd.

An online presence is just a starting point of the unending social journey. And those who are there in these fora are there not for just hearing to what you say – a whole lot of people are there only to have a dialog, understand better, get their points of view heard, and have their real needs met.

So, if your social presence can take part in such a conversation, and at the same time leverage your products and services for a business goal, then you may have a winner in the long term.

If you are not open, and think that you just would love a monologue, be assured that your organisation will not gain much in this game.

And now to the even more important one – for this to happen, for you to be a willing party to ongoing conversations in this space, the top leadership of the organisation you represent MUST be committed to a long term strategy, that is full of such conversations, filled in with a willingness to meet the needs to those in a discussion with you.

So, are you ready to get to the social bandwagon? Think, now….


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Communications professional, PR practitioner, HR & Talent acquisition pro. Love & live by working on customer centric co-created and do-able communication strategies across platforms! Live in Chennai, India

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